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Sonaxx Records is a quickly rising hard techno record label that was founded in July 2019 by Mr. and  Mrs. Sonaxx. The label was created out of the couple's shared love for electronic music and their combined 16 years of experience as DJs and producers. From the outset, Sonaxx Records faced challenges, particularly in terms of graphic design, website development, and logo creation. However, the label has continued to grow, driven by the founders' commitment to individualized cover designs and tailored artist support. Impressions of such works can also be found, for example, in the designs of the merchandise products in the web shop that opened in 2021.


Sonaxx Records has been associated with several notable artists since its inception, amount others, N.O.B.A, H! DUDE, Alberto Ruiz, Bastet, HouseWerk, DJ Jordan, Max Walder, Toni Alvarez and amount others.

(Klick for more) In 2021, the label added “Schranz” to its list of subgenres, reflecting its willingness to experiment and evolve.


Sonaxx Records also works/worked with artists like: V.O.Y, Sandro Mure, I-K-O, D.S.K (IT), Schiere, Schroomp aka. Filterheadz,  Vinka Wydro, Zeltak , Klaps, PITCH!,  elMefti, Gabros, DJ CHOON, Bitonal, Giuseppe Rizza, Stefano Trombini, and many more. (Klick for more)


The label's hard work and dedication began to bear fruit in April/May 2022 when it ranked 57th on Beatport. In September 2022, Sonaxx Records ranked among the Top Ten hard techno labels worldwide on Beatport, a remarkable achievement in such a short time. To continue their stellar growth in the chart, Sonaxx reached the top three places on Beatport for Hard-Techno labels worldwide - all this in under a year. This growth has been driven by several successful projects, including their recording project "NOTAUFNAHME VOL.1 & VOL.2" in 2022, which featured 21 tracks and 20 remixes by 20 remixer. The project's remix by NOBA was on the Beatport charts for over seven months, and the label received videos from prominent artists such as DJ Rush, Nico Moreno, Shlømo, SveTec, Fatima Hajji, Luca Anelli, Debora de Luca, Charlie Sparks, Kobosil, Nina Kraviz, Trym, PetDuo and Wade who played the tracks from Sonaxx Records.

Event organizers like Verknipt Festivals have also used tracks for their promotional videos and after-movies.


In 2022, Sonaxx Records expanded their offerings by launching a series of sample packs available for purchase on their website, The sample packs feature sounds and loops created by the label's talented pool of artists, many of whom have already released successful tracks on the label. The sample packs have been well-received by producers and musicians around the world, further cementing Sonaxx Records' reputation as a leading force in the electronic music scene.


Sonaxx Records has also achieved success on Spotify, with over 400K plays, and on TikTok, where some tracks went viral, reaching up to 60K views. The label continues to push forward, in 2023, the label announced his 100th release. The label's founders are committed to building on their past successes, and on

June 7th, 2023, they will host their first event at MS Connexion, one of the most famous techno clubs in Mannheim. The event will feature some of the label's artists, among others, and promises to be a night of hard techno and unforgettable performances. Sonaxx Records is here to stay and leave a lasting legacy in the techno scene.

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